[linux-dvb] latest hvr-4000 driver patches

Mika Laitio lamikr at pilppa.org
Tue Jul 29 22:31:47 CEST 2008

> I have vdr 170 , hvr4000 and fresh drivers form "Igor M. Liplianin's repo (repo includes hg multiproto + hvr4000 patch +
> some fixes)
> http://liplianindvb.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/hgwebdir.cgi/liplianindvb/
> It works well. I recommend it for your case
> Of course it's not multifrontend drivers

I build and installed the drivers from Liplianin's repository to 2.6.26
kernel. I think driver loads now ok and dvb-s is used by default. (at
least that is reported by the kaffeine and scan from dvb-apps)

Should the dvb-apps/util/scan/scan from dvb-apps repository head work with
the Liplianin's driver?

I think I found at least some satellite according to cheap peeper hardware 
I have used while rotating dish. Command
"./scan dvb-s/Hotbird-13.0E" does not find any channels for me.

And could I use the util/femon indicate some non-zero values if I run 
that alone for the debugging purposes, when some satellite gives good 


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