[linux-dvb] Re : Low signal on H transponder on TT S-1500

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 2 20:25:05 CEST 2008

Le 02.06.2008 08:03:04, Vladimir Prudnikov a écrit :
> To continue with the issue of problems with high SR on TT S-XXXX 
> cards
> I can confirm that problems exist with the S-1500 card on H  
> transponder of Orion Express 45MS AM2 sat as well.
> Couldn't find any registers to play with as on the S-1401 (buf[5])  
> that could fix it.
> If someone can point me to, please do!

Well I already gave my story but here it goes again:
I had a lot of problem to scan and szap to most transponders. But I 
solved these by adding 4MHz to the freq, and things are a bliss now. 
And I checked lyngsat it lists the transponders with different freq 
from the one you get by parsing the stream. And guess what those freq 
are almost the same as the original freq+4MHz. I am a bit lost.
But in any case there is a problem with the 3200 not being able to lock 
reliably on certain transponders, but to this day I dont know how to 
test on this. I already sent logs and such, but with no luck until now, 
I hope that this will be resolved shortly.

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