[linux-dvb] Re : No lock on a particular transponder with TT S2-3200

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Thu Jun 5 21:58:05 CEST 2008

Le 05.06.2008 14:47:29, Ales Jurik a écrit :
> On Wednesday 04 of June 2008, manu wrote:
> > 	Hi all,
> > one more datapoint for the TT 3200 tuning problems. I solved all my
> > locking problems by add 4MHz to the reported frequencies (coming
> from
> > the stream tables); note that one of the transponders always locked
> > even without this correction (its freq is 11093MHz, the others 
> are :
> > 11555, 11635, 11675MHz), so as you see the others are much higher.
> > Now there is another transponder at 11495MHz but this one I cant
> lock
> > on it even with my correction. 
> Hi,
> I have a little more problems with TT S2-3200 under linux. At DVB-S
> exists 
> transponders to which is not possible to switch directly (when
> changing 
> satellite), it is necessary to tune first to another transponder at
> same 
> position (I'm using diseqc switch). At these transponders changing 
> the
> frequency is not helpful.
> At DVB-S2 transponders are some transponders at which is possible to
> get lock 
> without problems. Also at some transponders it is possible to get 
> lock
> when 
> changing frequency by 4-5MHz after some minutes (typically 2 min.).
> But there 
> exists some transponders where is practically impossible to get lock. 
> Interesting is that those problematic transponders were without
> problems 
> receivable some time ago. The change appeared when transponders were
> switched 
> from Thor2 to Thor5 (same frequency but only FEC changed from 2/3 to
> 3/4 and 
> pilot was switched off), also one transponder at HB 13.0E which was 
> receivable two months ago is not receivable any more (don't know if
> pilot was 
> switched off but other paremeters are the same).

Well so this would point to a problem involving FEC. But is that a 
problem to get a lock? I mean FEC is just involved after a successful 
tuning, right? So even tuning is a problem IMHO and FEC might be 
another one.
I hope that someone else can elaborate/confirm or not.

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