[linux-dvb] How to get a PCTV Sat HDTC Pro USB (452e) running?

Jens Krehbiel-Gräther linux-dvb at okg-computer.de
Fri Jun 6 22:09:33 CEST 2008

Dominik Kuhlen schrieb:
>> I applied ONE patch wich includes all the patches listed here:
>> patch_multiproto_pctv452e_tts23600.diff
>> patch_multiproto_dvbs2_frequency.diff
>> patch_fix_tts2_keymap.diff
>> patch_add_tt_s2_3650_ci.diff
>> patch_add_tt_s2_3600_rc_keymap.diff
> -----snip----
> I had just a brief look at the patch and it seems that pctv452e.c and lnb22.* are missing
> afaik hg diff  does not include added files if not specified explicitly.

Ups, you're right. Attached is the new patch with pctv452e.c and the
lnb-stuff. I forgot the -N switch by making the diff :-(


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