[linux-dvb] scan & szap for new multiproto api (was - How to get a PCTV Sat HDTC Pro USB (452e) running?)

Jens Krehbiel-Gräther linux-dvb at okg-computer.de
Mon Jun 9 09:21:25 CEST 2008

Goga777 schrieb:
>> I'm glad everything worked out for you :).
>> with szap to tune to DVB-S2 channels use this option "-t 2" default is
>> "- t 0" which is for DVB-S
>> to tune to 'Astra HD Promo 2' you do:
>> szap -r -c 19 -t 2 "Astra HD Promo 2"
> I will try so. It will be fine if new dvb-s2 option will include in szap --help output

jens at midas-phalanx:/usr/src/dvb-apps-patched/util/szap# ./szap -h

usage: szap -q
         list known channels
       szap [options] {-n channel-number|channel_name}
         zap to channel via number or full name (case insensitive)
     -a number : use given adapter (default 0)
     -f number : use given frontend (default 0)
     -d number : use given demux (default 0)
     -c file   : read channels list from 'file'
     -b        : enable Audio Bypass (default no)
     -x        : exit after tuning
     -r        : set up /dev/dvb/adapterX/dvr0 for TS recording
     -l lnb-type (DVB-S Only) (use -l help to print types) or
     -l low[,high[,switch]] in Mhz
     -i        : run interactively, allowing you to type in channel names
     -p        : add pat and pmt to TS recording (implies -r)
                 or -n numbers for zapping
          -t        : delivery system type DVB-S=0, DSS=1, DVB-S2=2

You see the last line? The Information is included!! ;-)
And Faruk is right, scan should find S2-Channels "out of the box".


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