[linux-dvb] UK FreeView logical channel numbers

Simon Kilvington s.kilvington at eris.qinetiq.com
Tue Jun 10 18:08:56 CEST 2008

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Simon Farnsworth wrote:
> Simon Kilvington wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     does anyone know where the logical channel numbers are
>> transmitted in FreeView? - ie BBC1 is 1, BBC News is 80, etc - I've been
>> looking at the PAT and PMTs with dvbsnoop but can't see anything
>> obvious.
> It's in the NIT, using a private descriptor - scan from dvb-apps
> (http://linuxtv.org/hg/dvb-apps/file/9311c900f746/util/scan/scan.c)
> knows about them, and they're fully specced in the DTG 'D-Book' (see
> http://dtg.org.uk/publications/books.html).

thanks for the info

the reason I wanted to know was because when I did a scan with mythtv I
had to give it each frequency by hand, then it only managed to find the
channel numbers for the channels on one mux - though this may be because
the nit on my transmitter seems to be split into two bits - one nit has
the info for 5 muxs, the other nit has the info for the other mux

anyway, I wrote a small program that will get the channel numbers out
of the nit(s) and dump some sql statements that you can use to update
the channel numbers in an existing mythtv database - I've attached it
here, compile it like this:

gcc -o get-lcns get-lcns.c

and run it like this (you'll probably need different dvbtune params):

dvbtune -f 722166667 -qam 16 -cr 3_4 && ./get-lcns > lcns

it will print a load of sql commands to stdout, so the > will put them
in the "lcns" file. You can just pipe the output into mysql, like this:

cat lcns | mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg

to update your channel table

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Simon Kilvington

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