[linux-dvb] Descrambles from time to time

Egor Shibeko egor.shibeko at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 00:38:40 CEST 2008


I have access to the host with DVB-S and CA module. If required, I
could provide more information tomorrow. My application (I used
libdvben50221) shows scrambled channels, gnutv
does it too. Problem is both of them sometimes don't descramble the
channels (or at least it looks like that). In this case you could
restart it several times and it would descramble channels again.
I tried to use kaffeine (0.8.3), and it doesn't descramble channels at
all, but it's ok with not-scrambled channels. I tried MythTV ('cause it
had its own implementation for descrambling) but I had no success
with it yet.

The main question is if I could know what's the problem in? Is it in
device, driver, library or application?

Thank You
Egor Shibeko

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