[linux-dvb] [PATCH] experimental support for C-1501

SG SiestaGomez at web.de
Sun Jun 15 19:23:00 CEST 2008

The patch works quite well and nearly all channels seem to work.

But when tuning to some radio channels I'll get this kernel message:

saa7146 (0) saa7146_i2c_writeout [irq]: timed out waiting for end of xfer

Also I'm not able to tune to 'transponder 386000000 6900000 0 3' which works
smoothly when using Win32.

initial transponder 386000000 6900000 0 3
 >>> tune to: 386:M64:C:6900:
WARNING: >>> tuning failed!!!
 >>> tune to: 386:M64:C:6900: (tuning failed)
WARNING: >>> tuning failed!!!
ERROR: initial tuning failed
dumping lists (0 services)

Any hints ?

Thanks and regards.

Sigmund Augdal wrote:

> Here is a new version. This one passes checkpatch without warnings. I
> removed the read_pwm function, as it always uses the fallback path for
> my card (and frankly I have no idea wether it is actually relevant at
> all for this kind of card). Furthermore the tda10023 driver doesn't seem
> to use this value for anything.
> Best regards
> Sigmund Augdal

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