[linux-dvb] SkyStar 2 - rev 2.8A

Alexandre Conrad aconrad.tlv at magic.fr
Mon Jun 16 12:56:19 CEST 2008


we just bought around 70 SkyStar2 PCI cards for deploying at our
customer's sites meant for a digital signage application. We've always
been working with these cards before which have always worked flawlessly
under linux.

Anyway, it turns out that after we have ordered more SkyStar 2 cards
from our supplier, the "new" cards we have recieved this morning looked
physically different from the previous generation we were using for a
couple of years now. So I opened one and tested it in our system. It
seems to be recognized by the kernel somehow, but after a few "i2c
master_xfer failed" messages ending with a "no frontend driver found for
this B2C2/FlexCop adapter" message in dmesg, the card doesn't work. On
the circuit board, it says REV 2.8A. I took a card that worked fine
before, it's says REV 2.6D.

After searching over the linux-dvb mailing list, I ran across the
following post from Patrick Boettcher regarding the REV 2.8A card:


an OpenSource driver is not in sight for that card. There are some NDA
problems... I will see what I can do.

Of course, that's puts us in a very uncomfortable situation with our client.

The message is from last febuary. I'm posting a message here to ask the
dvb experts if anything has changed since then.

Thanks for your help, pointers and suggestions.

Best regards,
Alexandre CONRAD

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