[linux-dvb] SkyStar 2 - rev 2.8A

Alexandre Conrad aconrad.tlv at magic.fr
Mon Jun 16 19:06:30 CEST 2008

In the worst of the cases, I'll have to return the cards to my vendor as 
TechniSat might just no longer make 2.6 cards anymore. Then what would 
be the recommanded alternative hardware that could work for me? A few 
years back, I've was using a budget Hauppauge Nova-S card. But it might 
be outdated and/or hard to find in large quantities these days.

Any recommendation for cards that would be well supported by the kernel 
and are still "comfortably" available? We're doing DVB-IP stuff (no TV 

Alexandre CONRAD

Alexandre Conrad wrote:

> Hello Patrick,
> Patrick Boettcher wrote:
>>On Mon, 16 Jun 2008, Alexandre Conrad wrote:
>>>The message is from last febuary. I'm posting a message here to ask the
>>>dvb experts if anything has changed since then.
>>No. Well, yes. Technisat will release a binary driver. My last status is 
>>All I can add is: post a request to Technisat.
> So you seem to have working drivers for REV 2.8. Which would save my 
> life. :) Although, you can't make them public...
> So I suppose you are working for TechniSat or you have tight relations 
> with them? I will contact TechniSat here:
>    http://www.technisat.com/index5cdb.html?nav=Contact_Hotline,en,34
> Alternativly, would you have any recommendations on who to contact 
> directly for better impact (maybe off-list)? We're really under big 
> pressure and the situation is very urgent/critical to us according to 
> our deployment planning.
> Thanks a lot.
> Regards,

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