[linux-dvb] Re : Re : Re : No lock possible at some DVB-S2 channels with TT S2-3200/linux

ChaosMedia > WebDev webdev at chaosmedia.org
Mon Jun 16 22:26:44 CEST 2008

joep wrote:
> The most important thing I can't get working is diseqc switching.
> Does anyone use Astra23,5 or hotbird13 with the multiproto driver?
i do use a tt s2-3200 with late april multiproto (after the api change)
i use kaffeine with a beta multiproto patch and have no particular 
problem using diseqc (0=hd 13 / 1=astra19.2).

I do get some "no lock" from time to time when switching from astra 19.2 
to hb 13.0 but zapping back and forth usually fix the problem and i have 
the same kind of problem with my dvb-s card with multiproto and v4l-dvb 
> If so, please tell me which channels you can tune to successfuly so I can do 
> my next tests on those channels.
i do remember not being able to lock to Eurosport HD transponder no matter what i tried.

i was wondering if it makes any difference if FEC is set to the correct value when tuning or to the "auto" value.
if i'm correct some zap or scan app i tested and browsed the code, did always use the auto value for FEC..

I have to get back to my kaffeine patch and finish it then maybe i can join your testing with my s2-3200


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