[linux-dvb] unstable tda1004x firmware loading

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Tue Jun 17 22:44:53 CEST 2008

Hi, Francesco

Francesco schrieb:
>> Looks like there currently are many people having problems.
>> Allow me to give some background info:
>> Something that is not in the datasheet:
>> The tda10046 automatically tries to load the firmware from an eeprom at the
>> second I2C port. This does *not* need to be triggered by the driver. The timeout
>> seems to be very long. In the past, this happened:
>> If the driver tries to access the tuner while the download is not finished, there
>> is a collision on the I2C bus. This can corrupt both, the firmware and the tuner
>> initialization. In the case of the tda8275a, the result can be that it turns off
>> its 16MHz reference output which is used for the tda10046 as well. This blocks the
>> i2c bus and the only way to recover is a complete power cycle.
>> This is why i made the driver try to get the firmware as soon as possible.
>> Otherwise it is not possible to access the tuner - at least on some boards.
>> Few days ago, a user reported that the firmware download seems to be retriggered
>> in some cases. This might occur if something opens the dvb device while the download
>> is not finished. If it is the case, we need to lock the download.
>> Another dangerous thing is the address mapping of the firmware eeprom: it is
>> controlled by a GPIO pin. If this pin changes while the download is running, we are
>> lost.
>> Best regards
>>    Hartmut
> I've found a little workaround (not a solution, but...) for this problem 
> for my Asus7131H...
> Simply adding "saa7134-dvb" to /etc/modules, make a successful firmware 
> loading on boot.
> (My system is an Ubuntu 7.10)
Could you post the relevant sections of the kernel log for both cases, successful
and unsuccessful firmware load? Please extract the entire board initialization.
Also: do you run a client / server based application (with early start of the server)?


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