[linux-dvb] TechnoTrend S-1401 or S-1500 ?

Alexandre Conrad aconrad.tlv at magic.fr
Wed Jun 18 18:00:48 CEST 2008


I'm about to buy TechnoTrend cards, S-1500 or S-1401. The TT budget 
S-1401 is not listed under the linuxtv WIKI, but people
seem to have success making it work according to messages on the mailing 

My supplier states that there are some issues about S1401 - most of the 
users state, it works very good, some others have problems with the 
FEMON-values in Linux, causing a worse receiption sometimes (due to 
"buggy" driver in CVS).

He'd strongly recommend to use the S1500 instead, which is supported 
since 4 years now under Linux! And it works 100%.

There's quite a price difference compared to the S1401 (I must buy a 
bunch of them) and I don't need CI, which S-1500 seems to provide.

Suggestions? Thanks.

Alexandre CONRAD

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