[linux-dvb] cx23885 driver and DMA timeouts

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Sun Jun 22 14:10:58 CEST 2008


The card works perfectly using Chris Pascoe's branch, I can use both
tuners at the same time. It only stuffs up when I try and merge the
relevant sections into tip, as per the patch I attached in the previous
email.  So this eliminates bios/hardware faults. I can also try in
windows for you, but I'm sure this is not the fault.

I would like to run a more modern version of the hg code as I have other
cards sitting around that could go in the same system and also I fear
that if somebody doesn't do the work to get it into tip, support will
disappear for newer kernels.

Thanks for help, any further advice?
(Also you lost me a bit with sram and risc, is this for the
microprocessor on the tv card or is it on my motherboard/cpu? And do you
have any documentation about them so I can learn more about it?)


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  > As soon as I try to access both cards at the same time it breaks
  > and only a full computer restart will fix it, i have tried
  > unloading all the modules that I can find that this card uses and
  > loading them again. I get the syslog attached below (cx23885 with
  > debug =1). It doesn't matter what progam i use to access them
  > (tried gxine, totem, mythtv) it all works the same, only one at a
  > time or it breaks.

  If the vidb and vidc (ts1 / ts2) bridge streams each single channel
  correctly, but not both together then this is either a sram
  configuration issue (the risc engine's workspace is being corrupted
  by another risc channel), or your system has a pcie compatibility

  I've seen both of these issues in the past.

  I don't have a hardware product with demodulators on vidb and c, so
  that's not something I can repro.

  Can you dual boot the same system under windows and remove any pcie
  compatibility doubts?

  - Steve

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