[linux-dvb] HVR-1300 problems with new kernels

Mika Laitio lamikr at pilppa.org
Sun Jun 22 15:17:20 CEST 2008

> DVB is however still not working with 2.6.24, 26.25 and 2.6.26-rc4
> kernels I have tested. But will work if I build and load v4l-dvb drivers.
> cx88/dvb related dmesg output looks ok for me and I have things created
> under /dev/dvb...

Some progress... It seems that the hvr-1300 drivers are actually ok for 
dvb-t in 26.24-26.26 kernels, the problem seems just be somehow in the 
load order of drivers.

If I remove the kernel/drivers/media/video/cx88 directory temporarily for 
the boot time to prevent the drivers to get loaded automatically and then 
put the cx88 folder back after boot and load following drivers manually, 
then dvb-t starts workinng ok

modprobe cx88_dvb
modprobe cx8800
modprobe cx22700

Any idea should I specify some module loading rules somewhere for example 
in /etc/modprobe.conf ?


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