[linux-dvb] Re : How to solve the TT-S2-3200 tuning problems?

Daniel dvenion at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 28 20:15:37 CEST 2008

manu <eallaud <at> yahoo.fr> writes:

> One more datapoint: I have one transponder which has only HD Channels 
> on it; the only difference with the other transponders (which are 
> working great using TT 3200) is the FEC (and the fact that it is MPEG4, 
> but that changes nothing for getting the lock); symbol rate and 
> modulation are the same. But it does not lock. Here is the dmesg of a 
> simpledvbtune session: one with a success on another transponder, and 
> then a failure on this transponder.
> I'd like to know where to put some printks or tweak the code to be able 
> to debug this, if someone with the know-how could explain a bit. I can 
> definitely do some coding, but without data it is kind of hard.
> Bye
> Manu

What FEC is it on the transponder you can't lock? 
I have one transponder witch is DVB-S with QPSK mod, FEC 7/8 and SR 28000 that
has one mpeg4 channel (Eurosport HD) and I get lock on that one all the time,
could it be becuse there are regular channels on that transponder too?


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