[linux-dvb] Re : Re : How to solve the TT-S2-3200 tuning problems?

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Sun Jun 29 03:05:20 CEST 2008

Le 28.06.2008 14:15:37, Daniel a écrit :
> manu <eallaud <at> yahoo.fr> writes:
> > 
> > One more datapoint: I have one transponder which has only HD
> Channels 
> > on it; the only difference with the other transponders (which are 
> > working great using TT 3200) is the FEC (and the fact that it is
> MPEG4, 
> > but that changes nothing for getting the lock); symbol rate and 
> > modulation are the same. But it does not lock. Here is the dmesg of
> a 
> > simpledvbtune session: one with a success on another transponder,
> and 
> > then a failure on this transponder.
> > I'd like to know where to put some printks or tweak the code to be
> able 
> > to debug this, if someone with the know-how could explain a bit. I
> can 
> > definitely do some coding, but without data it is kind of hard.
> > HTH
> > Bye
> > Manu
> > 
> What FEC is it on the transponder you can't lock? 
> I have one transponder witch is DVB-S with QPSK mod, FEC 7/8 and SR
> 28000 that
> has one mpeg4 channel (Eurosport HD) and I get lock on that one all
> the time,
> could it be becuse there are regular channels on that transponder 
> too?

AFAIK there are only HD channels on this transponder. FEC is 5/6 
instead of the more common 3/4 for all other transponders. And that's 
the only difference. I do not understand why this could be a problem 
for tuning to the transponder.
And I tried to tune to frequencies between 11485 and 11505 MHz, whereas 
the freq is advertised as 11495MHz. With no luck: not a single lock.
For the other transponders lock is fast and reliabke.
One more thing, the symbol rate is the same across all transponders, 
Do you have an idea about solving this, or at least how to get useful 

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