[linux-dvb] hvr-1300 analog audio question

yoshi watanabe yoshi314 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 11:03:28 CEST 2008


i'm using hauppauge hvr-1300 to receive video signal from playstation2
console, pal model. video is just fine, but i'm having strange audio
issues, but judging by some searching i did - that's pretty common
with this card , although people have varied experience with the card.

the console is plugged via a cable that has both composite and s-video
connectors. it works fine on my tv, so the cable seems to be correct.

concerning the audio - i *sometimes* get nearly perfect audio with
almost no noise artifacts, mostly when when there is little sound and
movement in the video (if you have gran turismo4 - when you navigate
the main game menu sound is usually close to perfect).

i tried using mplayer with dma audio, and i tried using the arecord |
aplay trick, but both have similar results. no audio at all with
tvtime or xawtv (i couldn't get mythtv to build yet, kdetv crashes on
start (mostly because i have some webcams plugged as well)).

hardware mpeg encoder works just fine, with proper audio, and everything.

i've seen some branches with various hvr-1300 related patches on
mercurial repositories. are some of those branches carrying more
significant hvr-1300 fixes that are not in the main development branch
yet? i have no idea which should i try. i was considering trying
~rmcc/hvr-1300 branch, but the age of last commit suggests that it was
most likely merged already.

i'm open for helping via testing, running debugging kernels on my box, etc.

i'm attaching my dmesg output, for start. maybe i have something

second question - do the kernel latency settings matter in case of
video capture (only viewing, not recording)? if so, what's the
recommended setup?
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