[linux-dvb] Hauppauge HVR-1700 Support

Torben Viets viets at web.de
Fri May 2 16:36:18 CEST 2008

Steven Toth wrote:
>> Hey, I've update, now the dvb works with 2.6.25 ant the v4l-dvb hg, I 
>> was sure that I already tried this combinations...
> Good, because it's working for various other peopple too.
>> Now, only the analog input have to work (this was the main reason I 
>> bought this card), is it really so hard, because I
>> saw that the HVR-1600 and the HVR-1800 is supported.
> lol, after all this traffic, bad news for you because analog doesn't 
> work - it never has.
> - Steve

yes, but better I've got DVB-T , than nothing, but the main reason was 
the analog Mpeg encoder and I thought HVR-1700 and HVR-1800 have the 
same chipset (cx23817). That's why I'm thought it should work. If I make 
a modprobe cx23885 card=2 (this is the Cardid for HVR-1800), I've got 
video0 and video1, but I 'don't know whether it doesn't work or don't 
know which program I've to use. But after your comments I think it is 


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