[linux-dvb] KNC TV Station DVR Tuner Sound Issue

Frederic CAND frederic.cand at anevia.com
Mon May 5 10:35:43 CEST 2008

hermann pitton a écrit :
> Am Mittwoch, den 30.04.2008, 16:45 +0200 schrieb Frederic CAND: 
>> Frederic CAND a écrit :
>>> Frederic CAND a écrit :
>>>> hermann pitton a écrit :
>>>>> Am Dienstag, den 29.04.2008, 14:18 +0200 schrieb Frederic CAND:
>>>>>> hermann pitton a écrit :
>>>>>>> Hi Frederic,
>>>>>>> Am Dienstag, den 29.04.2008, 11:09 +0200 schrieb Frederic CAND:
>>>>>>>> Dear all,
>>>>>>>> I recently had to change v4l drivers to support my WinTV HVR 1300.
>>>>>>>> I have issues making my HVR work but that's not the point here.
>>>>>>>> My problem is that since I updated kernel + drivers, I can't manage to 
>>>>>>>> make sound work when I'm using the tuner input. Sound jack input works 
>>>>>>>> when I'm using SVideo or Composite Video, but not when I'm using tuner.
>>>>>>>> Here are the options I'm using
>>>>>>>> tuner : port2=0
>>>>>>>> saa7134: oss=1 disable_ir=1
>>>>>>>> saa7134-oss: rate=48000
>>>>>>> the rate=48000 is only valid for external analog input and disables
>>>>>>> sound from tuner. Have a look at the saa7134-oss mixer under such
>>>>>>> conditions.
>>>>>>> You must use default rate of 32000 for dma sound from tuner.
>>>>>>> The saa7134-oss is also soon deprecated and replaced by saa7134-alsa.
>>>>>>> If you are considering using recent v4l-dvb mercurial stuff, which
>>>>>>> should be best for the HVR1300 and reporting bugs on saa7134-empress,
>>>>>>> you might still have your old saa7134-oss module around and some others
>>>>>>> like the old video_buf now loaded, since not deleted on upgrade.
>>>>>>> After make rmmod and rminstall with current v4l-dvb you should delete
>>>>>>> such remaining modules on older kernels too before make install.
>>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>>> Hermann
>>>>>> hum I used to set rate to 48000 with my old 2005 july snapshot and it 
>>>>>> was working even with tuner ... but ok I'll try 32000
>>>>>> i've tried alsa and I had the same results, that is no sound with tuner 
>>>>>> but line in sound with composite and svideo
>>>>>> do I need some special stuffs compiled in my kernel except from config_snd ?
>>>>>> about old modules still loaded this can't be since I build my system 
>>>>>> from scratch each time i try a new kernel / driver into an ext2 file, 
>>>>>> which I put on a 32MB flash disk and boot on it ... so I'm sure I'm not 
>>>>>> using my old v4l snapshot, but the v4l drivers
>>>>>> I'll let you know if I can make it work
>>>>> Ah, you are in France!
>>>> yeah!
>>>>> Try "modinfo saa7134". Due to unresolvable auto detection issues between
>>>>> different SECAM standards there was a secam= either DK, L or Lc option
>>>>> introduced.
>>>> huhu... but my system has to work worldwide ... so a module option is 
>>>> not a good idea, because it does not only depends on the country, but 
>>>> also if my customer is using a signal modulator or not, ... and I have 
>>>> two cards in my system, and I want to be able to select a certain SECAM 
>>>> mode with the first one, and another mode with the second card
>>>> Actually I'm selecting secam L, DK or BG with an ioctl cause my card can 
>>>> handle them (tested and working with older drivers/kernels)
>>>>> Anything else then 32000Hz sampling rate for TV is wrong currently and
>>>>> you get that input disabled on saa7134-oss mixer. Yes, it was once
>>>>> possible, but not intended, to use 48000 also for TV/Video on saa7134
>>>>> chips, but gave very poor and crackling sound and is wrong.
>>>>> The current saa7134-alsa is simpler to use and also uses an exported
>>>>> mute symbol from saa7134-tvaudio. Default distribution settings are
>>>>> sufficient. On recent Ubutu releases seem to be problems with an out of
>>>>> tree alsa there.
>>>> Ok I'll see with this rate thing and let you know
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Hermann
>>>> Greetings.
>>> I still have nothing with oss and rate=32000, with alsa, or with secam=l
>>> Anyway, some more informations :
>>> * I've got the following error messages on saa7134 module insertion
>>> saa7134_empress: Unknown symbol saa7134_devlist
>>> saa7134_empress: Unknown symbol saa7134_common_ioctl
>>> saa7134_empress: Unknown symbol saa7134_boards
>>> saa7134_empress: Unknown symbol saa7134_ts_register
>>> saa7134_empress: Unknown symbol saa7134_ts_qops
>>> saa7134_empress: Unknown symbol saa7134_i2c_call_clients
>>> saa7134_empress: Unknown symbol saa7134_ts_unregister
>>> saa7134_alsa: Unknown symbol saa7134_tvaudio_setmute
>>> saa7134_alsa: Unknown symbol saa_dsp_writel
>>> saa7134_alsa: Unknown symbol saa7134_devlist
>>> saa7134_alsa: Unknown symbol saa7134_pgtable_alloc
>>> saa7134_alsa: Unknown symbol saa7134_pgtable_build
>>> saa7134_alsa: Unknown symbol saa7134_pgtable_free
>>> saa7134_alsa: Unknown symbol saa7134_dmasound_init
>>> saa7134_alsa: Unknown symbol saa7134_dmasound_exit
>>> saa7134_alsa: Unknown symbol saa7134_set_dmabits
>>> saa7134 ALSA driver for DMA sound loaded
>>> saa7134[0]/alsa: saa7134[0] at 0xe5300000 irq 5 registered as card -1
>>> saa7134[1]/alsa: saa7134[1] at 0xe5301000 irq 9 registered as card -1
>>> * When using audio_debug=1 for saa7134, I've got the following :
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: mute/input: nothing to do [mute=1,input=Television]
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: sound IF not in use, skipping scan
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: mute/input: nothing to do [mute=1,input=Television]
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: mute/input: nothing to do [mute=1,input=Television]
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: ctl_mute=0 automute=0 input=Television  =>  mute=0 
>>> input=Television
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: sound IF not in use, skipping scan
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: mute/input: nothing to do [mute=0,input=Television]
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: sound IF not in use, skipping scan
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: mute/input: nothing to do [mute=0,input=Television]
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: ctl_mute=0 automute=1 input=Television  =>  mute=1 
>>> input=Television
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: sound IF not in use, skipping scan
>>> saa7134[1]/audio: ctl_mute=0 automute=0 input=Television  =>  mute=0 
>>> input=Television
>> Did I mention I'm using ?
> Hi,
> yes, that is the annoying part ;), but still fine, since others have
> been already restless on getting support with latest drivers on a
> 2.4.18 ! without to provide a single line of code themselves ...
> This is completely different with you, but we have other issues too.
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb/rev/d6660f8c6dbb
> You might try to clean your /media modules and try with that snapshot.
> Not compile tested for 2.6.22, but might fit. Click on bz2 or gz on top.

ok, I'll have a look at this asap

> Of course, if not auto detected you can select each TV analog standard
> separately for each card you have, but selectable SECAM was new.
> Do you have any progress on it or are you seriously asking me to look at
> a

My concern is to use any kernel while having full support for my knc tv 
station dvr AND my Hauppauge HVR 1300 ... that is, sound and mpeg 
I was using a 'til now, with an old v4l (not v4l-dvb) snapshot 
so ... if I can still use my and have support for my knc and 
my hauppauge within the same system, I'll be the happiest man (changing 
kernel is not an idea we like since by doing that we'll need time to 
test uptime equipments before releasing a new version of our products, ...) is not mandatory but I know some things changed between 2.6.16 
and recent kernels regarding modules (synopsis of some functions 
changed, ...) so adapting a recent snapshot against 2.6.16 might be 
painful ...

> You might remember, I'm interested at the point, the encoder gave up.

huhu, I know that
I'll build 2.6.16 to 2.6.21 kernels this morning to see if my knc have 
sound in any of them with the modules included in the kernels (i.e I 
won't use my 2005 v4l snapshot) and let you know
what do you mean by "the encoder gave up" ?

> Cheers,
> Hermann

CAND Frederic
Product Manager

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