[linux-dvb] LNB: L.O is 11300

vivian stewart vivichrist at gmail.com
Mon May 5 16:53:50 CEST 2008

  I think I may know what is wrong ... my LNB is weird well ... not for 
this part of the world so I think I need to make a custom sec.conf or 
something? any Ideas? I can watch tv with 'dvbstream...|mplayer' and 
'mplayer dvb://' works with an edited channels.conf and 'scan -l 
11300,11300,1 OptusD1' works on all listed transponders (file) from 
lyngsat. but no programs seem to tune to a list of actual transponders, 
including mythtv (finds channels and epg data but can't tune in channels).
am I doomed to watch tv with mplayer and no remote control?

L.O is 11300
card is HVR3000

dvbsnoop -s pidscan
Basic capabilities:
Name: "Conexant CX24123/CX24109"
Frontend-type: QPSK (DVB-S)
Frequency (min): 950.000 MHz
Frequency (max): 2150.000 MHz
Frequency stepsiz: 1.011 MHz
Frequency tolerance: 5.000 MHz
Symbol rate (min): 1.000000 MSym/s
Symbol rate (max): 45.000000 MSym/s
Symbol rate tolerance: 0 ppm
Notifier delay: 0 ms
Frontend capabilities:
auto inversion
FEC 1/2
FEC 2/3
FEC 3/4
FEC 4/5
FEC 5/6
FEC 6/7
FEC 7/8


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