[linux-dvb] Testers wanted for alternative version of Terratec Cinergy T2 driver

Tomi Orava tomimo at ncircle.nullnet.fi
Wed May 7 20:49:13 CEST 2008


>>> Well, I see some issues after taking a closer look at your driver:
>>> 1- checkpatch.pl raises errors: 90 errors, 53 warnings, 995 lines checked
>>> 2- there is a compilation error (I applied the patch on the latest
>>> v4l-dvb tree):
>>> cinergyT2-core.c: In function 'cinergyt2_usb_probe':
>>> cinergyT2-core.c:138: error: too few arguments to function
>>> 'dvb_usb_device_init'
>>> 3- you should replace the existing driver, not proposing a different
>>> driver. I mean, patch directly
>>> linux/drivers/media/dvb/cinergyT2/cinergyT2.c.

I did some cleanups pointed by the checkpach.pl script.
However, I did not replace the original Cinergy T2 driver
as I think that this new driver should be located in the
very same directory as the rest of the usb-dvb drivers.

The current patch is against the v4l-dvb tree.

Tomi Orava
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