[linux-dvb] [Fwd: Change wording of DIFF file please]

Markus Rechberger mrechberger at gmail.com
Thu May 8 01:24:46 CEST 2008


On 5/8/08, Rod <Rod at rods.id.au> wrote:
>     Repost as I think I fell off the list ;o(

this stuff was generated against my v4l-dvb-experimental repository it seems.

+		}
+		break;
+	case TUNER_XCEIVE_XC3028:
+		dprintk(KERN_INFO "saa7134_tuner_callback TUNER_XCEIVE_XC3028
command %d\n", command);
+		switch(command) {
+		case TUNER_RESET1:
+		case TUNER_RESET2:
+			/* this seems to be to correct bit */
+			saa_andorl(SAA7134_GPIO_GPSTATUS0 >> 2, 0x00008000, 0x00000000);
+			saa_andorl(SAA7134_GPIO_GPSTATUS0 >> 2, 0x00008000, 0x00008000);
+			break;
+		case TUNER_RESET3:
+			break;

this also needs a change to work with the linuxtv repository, that way
the patch is not compatible with the linuxtv.org repository it was
generated against my v4l-dvb-experimental repository.

You already have the xceive reset line bit. Look how other xc3028
reset callbacks are implemented into the linuxtv.org repository and
change this according to the other callbacks.


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