[linux-dvb] Try to Make DVB-T part of Compro VideoMate T750 Work

lin b87605214 at ntu.edu.tw
Thu May 8 17:32:45 CEST 2008

On 2008 May 8 Thursday 22:46:09 Rod wrote:
>     Hi, is there anyone actually working on this?
>     I cannot program for the life of me (for now) si, I'd like some
> assistance?
>     I can get the SAA to be seen on the I2C bus, and a scan doesn't
> reveal the true addresses of the chips behind it (along with the
> previously seen reports of the addresses of the devices.
>     I have manually probed and have obtained the actual I2C addressing
> of most of the chips (except for the XC device, BGA's are difficult, and
> the PRO1A, well I havn't gone to the length of X-ray'ing it yet, but
> maybe I'll have to give that a go (X-ray to get the die information,
> then try and resolve its function from that info) or I'll just power the
> device and see what it does.. wish i still had the "Pinpoint" system at
> my disposal.
>     So, I'm looking for help, or a group to chat with to try and help
> this little device along ;o)
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Hi, Rod:

I'm just a little owner of T750, and not a electrical circuit expert. I just 
can read some code of kernel drivers. I do definitly want to give you a hand 
and make this cards work over v4l, but what can I do for you? I live in 
Taiwan, if it necessary and Compro wants to tell me, I can give Compro a call 
and ask some questions which may keep this branch forward.


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