[linux-dvb] About Kristian Slavov's Mantis remote controller patch

Marko Ristola marko.ristola at kolumbus.fi
Sat May 10 23:02:20 CEST 2008

Hi Kristian, Manu and you all at Linux DVB list with Mantis cards.

Kristian Slavov made some years ago a remote controller patch
for the Manu's jusst.de Mantis branch.

On this link http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TerraTec_Cinergy_C_DVB-C
there is stated, that the Wiki writer doesn't know why
Kristian's patch hasn't been included into jusst.de.

I have been in Contact with both Manu and Kristian about two years ago.
Kristian was willing to get his code merged into Manu's branch.
You can ask from Kristian again, if you like.

Kristian sent once an email into this list with the purpose that Manu
could include his patch into jusst.de. I can't find the email though 
with Google,
maybe it was about two years ago.

The reason, why Manu hasn't included Kristian Slavov's patch?
Personally I don't know. Maybe Manu just slipped the opportunity?
Maybe it is now a good time to include Kristian's patch.

Best Regards,
Marko Ristola

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