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Krzysztof Burghardt krzysztof at burghardt.pl
Mon May 12 13:23:47 CEST 2008

2008/5/12 Gurumurti Laxman Maharana <gurumurti at nkindia.com>:
>  I am looking for information EPG format. Can any body guide me in this
>  regard. How EPGs are formated and streamed along with the programs.
>  Thanks with regards.

Electronic Programme Guide is an application, so you can implement it
on your own.

If you want to read about Service Information (SI) in DVB (data you
see in EPG comes from SI) start with  ETSI EN 300 468[1] and Event
Information Table (EIT) section. All DVB specifications are available
from dvb.org[2].

[1] I'm not sure if they like deep links, but just put spec name to
Google to get URL to PDF
[2] http://www.dvb.org/technology/standards/

Krzysztof Burghardt <krzysztof at burghardt.pl>

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