[linux-dvb] Testers wanted for alternative version of Terratec Cinergy T2 driver

Tomi Orava tomimo at ncircle.nullnet.fi
Mon May 12 20:32:16 CEST 2008


> Well, as I said it compiles and works with the above kernel and v4l-dvb
> but w_scan finds no channels with this module most of the time. In 5
> runs it found 4 channels on one multiplex.
> I doubt it's the antenna although it's the stock one but if I use the
> cinergyT2 on my desktop pc with the original module of kernel
> w_scan finds all available channels all the time with the same antenna
> in the same place. I will try a better antenna tomorrow to see if I can
> use it somewhat productive in mythtv...

Does the "regular" scandvb work any better for you compared
to the older driver ?
BTW. Where's the source for this w_scan so that I could try it as well ?

Tomi Orava

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