[linux-dvb] inserting user PIDs in TS

Gurumurti Laxman Maharana gurumurti at nkindia.com
Tue May 13 15:13:11 CEST 2008

Hi all
I would like to know that can we insert user defined PIDs into the TS
stream. how should i go about? What standard should i follow? How should I
format the the packets ( segment - section etc...).
can any body help in this regard.
Thanks with regards.

> 2008/5/12 Gurumurti Laxman Maharana <gurumurti at nkindia.com>:
>>  I am looking for information EPG format. Can any body guide me in this
>>  regard. How EPGs are formated and streamed along with the programs.
>>  Thanks with regards.
> Electronic Programme Guide is an application, so you can implement it
> on your own.
> If you want to read about Service Information (SI) in DVB (data you
> see in EPG comes from SI) start with  ETSI EN 300 468[1] and Event
> Information Table (EIT) section. All DVB specifications are available
> from dvb.org[2].
> [1] I'm not sure if they like deep links, but just put spec name to
> Google to get URL to PDF
> [2] http://www.dvb.org/technology/standards/
> --
> Krzysztof Burghardt <krzysztof at burghardt.pl>
> http://www.burghardt.pl/


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