[linux-dvb] RE : inserting user PIDs in TS

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at avalpa.com
Tue May 13 22:32:04 CEST 2008

Thierry Lelegard wrote:

>> I would like to know that can we insert user defined PIDs into the TS
>> stream. how should i go about? What standard should i follow? How
should I
>> format the the packets ( segment - section etc...).
>> can any body help in this regard.
> Yes, in theory, you can.
> Keep in mind, however, that multiplexing is a quite difficult job
> (this is what multiplexers are made for).


if i can suggest a starting point, there's already a free software
project for transport stream manipulation; it's called JustDVb-It, the
GPL licensed package we made in our previous company Cineca since 2004:


it's a set of simple tools (following unix filosophy) you can put
together in some customized ways to accomplish complex tasks.

for example, it can filter PID on a TS, swap some PIDs with others,
transform python described PSI tables in sections then in TS packets,
and create DSMCC carousels too..

there's a live CD to demo it with a DVB ASI port in a sample
configuration (for italian MHP based interactive television)

the current version can't restamp PCR, as it's quite a complex task, but
this feature is something that we are releasing RSN in our new-born
start-up Avalpa (http://www.avalpa.com). stay tuned!



andrea venturi

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