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The "Pass Through" port is not what you are thinking it is (Unless
kingray have changed there naming conventions, let me know what model and
I can tell you exactly).  The Pass through port is usually for the DC
power (or Low frequency AC) to pass through the device and into a further
amplifier along the coax to the antenna.  You can try turning down your
mast head amplifier, this will effect other tuners connected as well OR
you can goto Jaycar or Altronics and buy some attenuators.




  I'll try your sources out later and provide feedback. (I have the
  issue as I run a Fusion Lite on the system as well).

  With regards to attenuation, there is a "pass through" port on my
  Kingray antenna amplifier. From your feedback it looks like that if I
  use the pass through port, I may get a better picture.


  On Wed, 2008-05-14 at 09:52 +1000, stev391 at email.com wrote:
  > Allan,
  > I have had similar issues to what you have described, with usually
  > good reception channels having degraded quality. One solution
  > that I have used is to place an attenuator in line to
  > reduce the signal. This card has a good sensitivity for low
  > levels however the dynamic range of the card is not good enough to
  > handle what the older more common TV cards require for reception
  > levels.
  > I have had no issue with Chris Pascoe's drivers, the only problem
  > that his branch is now get dated and some of my other dvb gear does
  > not work reliably under his branch. This is why I'm trying to
  > generate a patch that works against the v4l-dvb tree.
  > Also can you tell me what programs you are using to watch TV with?
  > With gxine I have no problem with my patch however when I run
  > occassionally it crashes my tuner. I have yet to accurately
  > why this is happening, and what I need to do to ensure that a
  > userspace program doesn't crash my hardware.
  > Regards,
  > Stephen.

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