[linux-dvb] TechnoTrend 2300 DVB-C, does it work?

Bas v.d. Wiel bas at kompasmedia.nl
Thu May 15 09:26:21 CEST 2008

hermann pitton wrote:
> yes, that was reported by countless people, but I'm not there.
I can confirm this. Almost every channel is encrypted apart from a few 
apparently random exceptions. I can watch NL 1 and Comedy Central FTA 
even though they're completely unrelated and Comedy Central is even part 
of an optional package if I recall correctly.. strange. Many radio 
channels are freely available though.
> This was only one of the reasons to ask Manu to stop advertising the new
> expensive stuff that hard in Europe. The same goes for free S2. It is
> nothing more than some blown up "muppets" show you get for now, at least
> in Germany.
> The work is fine, but people need to know how far they can get with it
> on their place for now.
> Results about pointing to it are known ... ;)
> Cheers,
> Hermann
Last night I made a couple of new attempts, recompiling the very latest 
mantis driver on my Debian box. The card gets detected properly, as 
usual, but now I notice something new. I get an error message: DVB: 
invalid PC card inserted :(

I assume that has to do with the Alphacrypt I have installed in my 
Mantis board? I have yet to pull it out and test again but so far, with 
the Alphacrypt inserted, there's still no result whatsoever. After some 
loud protest from my girlfriend I had to give up, reboot into Windows 
and let her watch her favorite detective.. So frustrating!

Thanks for everyone's help so far though.


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