[linux-dvb] Technotrend S2-3200 Scanning

ChaosMedia > WebDev webdev at chaosmedia.org
Fri May 16 10:01:05 CEST 2008

>> you have to patch the szap and scan from this sources:
>> http://abraham.manu.googlepages.com/szap.c
>> http://abraham.manu.googlepages.com/szap.c
> I fear things have changed too much for the patches to work. (Or I'm 
> messing up a simple command like patch)
> Szap: (Using the other szap.c file I can actually apply the patch, but 
> the new szap.c seems to be incompatible)

hi, i installed multiproto a couple of weeks ago and tried a lot of 
patches for szap / scan or already patched szap2 sources and none would 

But i did find out that szap2 available in v4l dvb-apps tree, in the 
test directory, works fine with current multiproto.

I've tested it with my tt s2-3200 and can tune to dvb-s2 transponders 
with no problem, although i noticed it misses some options from some 
other szap2 i first tested..


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