[linux-dvb] BBC HD on Freesat?

Stephen Rowles stephen at rowles.org.uk
Fri May 16 13:16:20 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I'm interested in watching BBC HD broadcasts from the new freesat service.
However there seems to be conflicting reports about what hardware this is
possible with.

In particular there is comment here from the freesat people that seems to
imply that they will use some sort access restrictions:


"would like to clarify that the Hauppauge free-to-air USB2 satellite tuner
is not a freesat licensed product and as such will not receive freesat
services. freesat licensed products can be identified by the freesat logo
and are subject to a stringent test and conformance regime."


1) does anyone know if the freesat broadcasts are encrypted or real free
to air?

2) Is anyone successfully watching freesat including the BBC HD broadcasts
under linux?

3) And if so what hardware are you using?

(I'm particularly interested in USB attached hardware as I have no room in
my media centre case for a tuner card :D, but maybe I will have to buy a
new case!)



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