[linux-dvb] BBC HD on Freesat?

André Weidemann Andre.Weidemann at web.de
Fri May 16 14:10:25 CEST 2008

Stephen Rowles wrote:

> 1) does anyone know if the freesat broadcasts are encrypted or real free
> to air?

I am receiving BBC HD and all other Freesat channels free-to-air over 
Astra 28.2°.

> 2) Is anyone successfully watching freesat including the BBC HD broadcasts
> under linux?

It is running here under Linux with the latest vdr-xine.

> 3) And if so what hardware are you using?

I have used a TT-S1500, TT-S2 3200, TT connect S2400 and a TT connect S2 
3600 under Linux. All cards/usb boxes are working fine since BBC HD is 
not being broadcasted as DVB-S2. So the TT connect S2400 or the Pinnacle 
400e should do fine if you do not intend to go for DVB-S2.

My CPU is a bit too slow to decrypt it "fluently" under Linux. Under 
Windows the image is crystal clear, since the GFX card is doing the 
h.264 decoding.


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