[linux-dvb] BBC HD on Freesat?

Robert RobertCL at iname.com
Fri May 16 19:25:48 CEST 2008

André Weidemann wrote:
> Stephen Rowles wrote:
>> 1) does anyone know if the freesat broadcasts are encrypted or real free
>> to air?
> I am receiving BBC HD and all other Freesat channels free-to-air over 
> Astra 28.2°.

Same here - they are FTA.  Have been receiving them for ages (before the 
lauch of Freesat). The only thing that "new" is that Channel 4, E4 and 
More4 are no longer encrypted.  They are supposed to have EPG data, but 
I've not tried to get that yet.   Also Five is supposed to be following 
later this year moving from encrypted to FTA.

>> 2) Is anyone successfully watching freesat including the BBC HD broadcasts
>> under linux?
> It is running here under Linux with the latest vdr-xine.

Works here using latest MythTv on linux.

>> 3) And if so what hardware are you using?
> I have used a TT-S1500, TT-S2 3200, TT connect S2400 and a TT connect S2 
> 3600 under Linux. All cards/usb boxes are working fine since BBC HD is 
> not being broadcasted as DVB-S2. So the TT connect S2400 or the Pinnacle 
> 400e should do fine if you do not intend to go for DVB-S2.
> My CPU is a bit too slow to decrypt it "fluently" under Linux. Under 
> Windows the image is crystal clear, since the GFX card is doing the 
> h.264 decoding.

I've got an HVR-3000 - bit of a pain to setup, and I'm only using the 
DVB-S part of it.  I've got an AMD 4200 x2 dual core and that plays BBC 
HD fine.  There are loads of posts about hardware requirements on the 
Mythtv-users list.


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