[linux-dvb] Well working S2 cards?

Mika Laitio lamikr at pilppa.org
Mon May 19 16:15:40 CEST 2008

> don't know about the hvr-4000
> i have a tt s2-3200 it's cheap and works well, i don't use the CI 
> though, so i can't tell if it's well supported by the driver 
> (multiproto) but besides the CI part i couldn't tell you what's not 
> properly working with this card at the moment..
> you'll get some good info on linuxtv wiki : 
> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DVB-S2_PCI_Cards
> But if you're going for Sat HD (1080i h264) on linux 64bit, i don't 
> think the dvb device will be the problem as long as it has a working 
> driver.
Yes, I also think the card with best driver support base is THE THING 
here. It seems that for many cards the official DVB drivers and apps are 
now in a little flux state
with multiple each other incompatible kernel driver and userspace app 
interfaces. I hope some resolution is achieved and branches are starting 
to find back to DVB tree.

But nice to hear that all 3 of these cards have changes to work both 
with S and S2.

>> What card you would recommend for the Linux usage and for which one 
>> the drivers are working best? (running on AMD x86-64 with 4850e cpu)
>> And is there any differences in the tuner quality of these cards?
> With 1080i H264 that you'll get on DVB-T or DVB-S2 (in europe) the 
> main problem will be to properly decode it.
It would be interesting to find some dvb-t usb gadget for playing with 
it and laptop while sitting on the city cafe.
> Problems will come either from the stream specifications, unsuported 
> in ffh264, that will produce a jerky decoding or from the lack of CPU 
> of your system..
> Although it seems that latest ffh264 version do use multithreading on 
> those 1080i streams, tested myself on ANIXEHD/ ASTRA PROMO HD streams, 
> ffh264 is not a multithreaded decoder to begin with so in the worst 
> case senario it'll use one single core of your CPU for decoding and 
> then you can get in serious troubles..
Yeah, the 780G chipset I have has something called UVD 2.0 integrated to 
motherboard that should provide hardware acceleration for decoding VC-1, 
H.264 (AVC), WMV, and MPEG-2 sources up to 1080p resolutions. But I pet 
no-one has data available for getting the Linux encoding/decoding 
libraries to support those features.

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