[linux-dvb] TT S2-3200 LIRC remote - Multiproto drivers merge?

Jelle De Loecker skerit at kipdola.com
Wed May 21 10:11:06 CEST 2008

Hello again,

I finally got the Technotrend S2-3200 to work on LinuxMCE 0710, now I'm 
wondering how to get the IR transceiver to work. (Not that I've managed 
to get mythtv working, but since activity on that subject is a bit 

I already tried to ask on the lirc mailing list, but it seems like a 
very dead place.

My dmesg output proves the transceiver is discovered and I have a 
/dev/class/input kind of file, I just don't know how to get lirc to 
work, or how to get a /dev/lirc0 file (I actually already have another 
transceiver on this computer which apparantly only works with MCE 
remotes (it's an integrated IR transceiver in my Antec Fusion v2 case)) 
since there isn't a specific driver in lirc for this technotrend card.

Now, I want to get some facts straight about the multiproto driver:
Is it "done"? What's the big difference between multiproto and 
multiproto plus? (Even though there hasn't been an update in 5 weeks for 
the regular drivers, the plus drivers seemed to have more activity)

Or is it correct to assume that now only the software applications need 
to get a patch to work with our multiproto drivers?

And, looking at the multiproto_plus drivers, I see they "merged" with 
v4l-dvb - what does this mean exactly?

Thank you for your time,

Jelle De Loecker

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