[linux-dvb] Multiproto annoying compilation error

Jelle De Loecker skerit at kipdola.com
Fri May 23 07:39:07 CEST 2008

Jelle De Loecker schreef:
> I've recently declared success on installing the multiproto drivers on 
> LinuxMCE 0710 (kubuntu 7.10)
> After a lot of hard work, I created a guide which did it like a charm 
> ( http://skerit.kipdola.com/?p=5&language=en )
> Now, I reinstalled linuxmce again, but I mistakenly installed the 
> newer multiproto_plus version, like previously, nothing loaded:
>     [   76.128799] saa7146: register extension 'budget_ci dvb'.
>     [   76.238955] Linux video capture interface: v2.00
>     [   76.671737] saa7146: register extension 'dvb'.
> No bad, I expected it to load nothing.
> So I remove all the modules, I delete every bit of source code, I try 
> to use my own guide and I get *absolutely nothing*!
>     [  192.299179] saa7146: register extension 'budget_ci dvb'.
> I've rebooted so many times I've lost count! I've removed all the 
> drivers again, rebooted, reinstalled, it just won't load again!
> Does anyone have *any* idea as to why it's not working? I'm really 
> getting desperate.
Very weird,

I let LinuxMCE reinstall on it's own tonight (as I don't really have a 
choice, and it goes quite fast, thank god)
and now I followed my own guide from the beginning and still nothing! I 
have NO idea where it's going wrong...
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