[linux-dvb] Drivers for Technotrend CT-3650 CI (USB 2.0-device)

Thomas Langås thomas at langaas.org
Mon May 26 00:59:47 CEST 2008

Thomas Langås:
> I just got this device, and I see there's a driver called ttusb2 that
> seems to be what I need (with some modifications, I suspect). 

This seems to be the "contents" of the USB-device:
* TDA8274AHN (silicon ic tuner)
* TDA10023HT (DVB-C)
* TDA10048HN (DVB-T)

There's also a Cypress-device (which I guess is the usb-controller), but
I forgot to take a note of the specific version when I was checking out
the insides of my box :|


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