[linux-dvb] Elgato EyeTV Diversity patch

Michael Müller mueller_michael at nikocity.de
Wed Oct 1 00:26:32 CEST 2008

Hi Patrick!

Am 15.09.2008 um 09:08 schrieb Michael Müller:

> Hi Patrick!
> Am 15.09.2008 um 00:55 schrieb Patrick Boettcher:
>> Hi Michael,
>> On Sun, 14 Sep 2008, Michael Müller wrote:
>>> Simply adding a new entry beside the Hauppauge Nova-T stick using  
>>> the
>>> new ids didn't work. Using trail and error I was able to find the
>>> right combination. I also was able to activate the remote
>>> control. Since the other devices that use stk7070pd_frontend_attach0
>>> and stk7070pd_frontend_attach1 as frontends doesn't activate the  
>>> RC I
>>> needed to start a section for my stick. If it doesn't hurt the other
>>> devices to have a RC defined perhaps you should combine them.
>> Yes, please do that.
> I'll do that.

Sorry for the delay but I was busy the last two weeks.

I have the patch now ready but some tests show me that the RC part  
does not work fully as expected: After hitting a key on the remote  
control it seems that the key is send over and over again. If I hit  
another key it switches to this key and keeps sending this key. This  
problem already shows in a command line window. It seems to be a  
driver problem because if I activate the outcommented info() command  
in the driver I get the same output over and over.

Do you have an idea what's going wrong?

If not, should I remove the RC support from the patch?



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