[linux-dvb] Adding remote support to Avermedia Super 007 - more info needed!

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hello david

>I'm currently trying to get remote support added to the Avermedia Super 
>007=  card.

I have one of these cards also but I have no good news for you unfortunately.

I am replying just to confirm that I too saw no activity in the register logs in XP when pressing remote key presses. Nor, from what I can see will any additions to the saa7134 code as is, aide you in reaching remote control nirvana.

It looks as if all remotes on the saa7134 linux driver thus far are triggered via an interrupt and that no such interrupt is occuring when you press a key on the remote for that board. This may require more absolute confirmation though as I didn't spend a great deal of time looking.

>I've turned the ir_debug on and gpio tracking on and enabled i2c_scan. 
>I've=  added an entry in the saa7134-cards.c and saa7134-input.c - 
>copying the se= ttings from other avermedia cards.
>The polling setting makes the card print out loads of ir_builder 
>settings= =2C removing the setting no output! - from this i am assuming 
>that this car= d has no gpio setting? - possible i2c?
>I've used regspy (from dscaler) to determine the GPIO STATUS and MASK 
>value= . Turning on/off the remote in windows has no value change? - 
>does it chang= e?
>Any guidance on how to determine the ir code? - without the manufacture 
>cod= e book.

I took a photo but didn't identify all the ICs on the board and write them down, it may be worthwhie doing so and also tracing from where the IR detector comes into the card and where it actually ends up.

If you are determined then you could explore the above but there is still no guarantee of any eventual success of course as just knowing about it more is only the first step in actually getting it to work.


Hello darron,

Thanks for the reply. I've established the cards IR port is not GPIO but I2C. Similar to the hvr-1110 card. The I2C readout gives me:-


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