[linux-dvb] DPosh m9206 USB DVB-T stick with MT2060

Andrew Websdale websdaleandrew at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 2 22:33:46 CEST 2008

     Some time ago I had a brief correspondence on here with Antii
about adding support for the MT2060 tuner to the DPosh driver( there's
recently been a load of these on sale in several places for 10 GBP
ish). I had a go at hacking something together, which although
definitely poorly written, did appear to work. However, my signal at
home is currently just not quite good enough to test it properly, so I
let the matter rest for the moment.
     Then I was contacted by a guy who'd bought the same stick & been
following my posts - he tried it & is definitely receiving TV
stations(with plenty of room for improvement), so it seems that its
worth going further with it.
      I've attached a diff of m920x.c -  I'd like some help with a)the
correct mechanism for detecting which tuner chip is present (i.e.
QT1010/MT2060) , b) what to tweak to improve output quality & c)
whether my whole approach is wrong or what?- I have no experience of
driver programming or C, though I know a little about C++ app
development. Hugh (the guy with another DPosh stick) will be able to
test any changes as will I (if I can improve my Freeview signal).
Regards Andrew Websdale
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