[linux-dvb] Re : Re : Twinhan 1041 (SP 400) lock and scan problems - the solution [not quite :(]

Emmanuel ALLAUD eallaud at yahoo.fr
Sun Oct 5 15:13:03 CEST 2008

Le 02.10.2008 01:38:03, Alex Betis a écrit :
> Manu,
> Please specify what sattelite and what frequency cause problems.
> Specify also a "good" transponder that locks.
> Can you send me the stb0899 module logs (with debug severity)?

I loaded stb* with debug=5 IIRC.
The sats are in western Atlantic (I live in the Caribbean Islands): 
good transponders: freqs=11093,11555,11675, bad one:11495.

As I said Carrier is detected but the data search algo fails, and, as 
the only difference is th FEC, I guess that should be the problem. 
Moreover as you probably have already noticed, the init values are 
really different between mantis and TT-3200. Manu told me that it is 
because they use different freq (99MHz for TT and 108MHz for Mantis), 
but the handling of the registers are so different there might be other 
differences also. Anyway it seems that both cards have some problematic 
locking for some transponders so the fix might work for both.
I could do some further testing (even spreading printks in the code is 
doable for me).

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