[linux-dvb] Scrambled/encrypted dvb-t channels under linux with a CI CAM?

Luc Brosens dvb2 at bsc-bvba.be
Sun Oct 5 18:55:34 CEST 2008

Jelle de Jong wrote:
> Brice DUBOST wrote:
>> Jelle de Jong a �crit :
>>> Hello everybody,
>>> I am searching for some solutions to be able to watch
>>> scrambled/encrypted dvb-t channels on Linux systems.
>>> I don't know what my options are..., but I found this wiki page:
>>> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DVB_Conditional_Access_Modules
>>> The situation is that I have separate usb enabled dvb-t devices that do
>>> all work for non scrambled channels.
>>> I would like to be able to add an usb device that makes it possible to
>>> also watch the scrambled channels, I don't know if this is possible.
>>> What is the exact function of a CAM? Does it decrypt date realtime or
>>> does it give out some special key that an other application can use?
>> The CAM decrypt the streams, the key stays inside the cam.
>> The full stream is given to the cam and you ask the cam for the programs
>> you want to be decrypted
>>> I do have a usb smartcard reader that I use for gnupg encryption
>>> systems. Are there possibility to use this device with an cable-provider
>>> smartcards?
>> Normally no.
>> If you can it's generrally illegal to extract the keys from the smartcard.
>>> Any information is appreciated,
>> Hope this will help you
> Thank you for the information,
> So what are my options to become able to watch scrambled channels? What
> is the performance penaly for using usb based tuners and cams on one
> system? Will an eeepc 701 or an atom platform be enough to handle both
> streams? The cpu use for the tuner and xorg rendering is around 50% on
> my current eeepc 701.
> Best regards,
> Jelle
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one day, I hope to be able to use the WinTV-CI device from Hauppauge for this. It is a USB2-based device that will return a
decrypted version of the stream you feed it.
The idea is that you'd record encrypted streams to harddisk, possibly from multiple cards, and decrypt the interesting bits
afterwards (like my Arion AF-9280PVR does daily)

My attempts to write a Linux device driver for the WinTV-CI have been unsuccessful until now, you can find what I have here :
(in a nutshell : I have snooped the XP-driver, identified the firmware, wrote a program to extract it from multiple versions of
Hauppauge's driver, and created the beginning of a device driver (which currently fails halfway through the firmware load))

I am a a loss as to why the firmware load fails, all help is greatly appreciated ...



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