[linux-dvb] dvbnet not working anymore with 2.6.25

Francesco Schiavarelli kaboom at tiscalinet.it
Mon Oct 6 19:13:05 CEST 2008

Francesco Schiavarelli wrote:
> I've done a bit of testing and seems like the problem it's related to 
> kernel version and not v4l-dvb.
> I've managed to compile actual v4l-dvb (rev7901) against debian kernel 
> 2.6.18-4-486 and everything works.
> Next step is checking every kernel between 2.6.22-3 and 2.6.25-1 trying 
> to isolate the problem.
> Anyone guessing which change in the kernel tree may have broken dvbnet?
> Suggestions are more than welcome.
> Francesco

OK, now I have an update on the subject.
With older kernels (<2.6.24) ifconfig was happy even if the mac address 
of dvb0_0 was all zero.
With never kernel you need to supply the mac address explicitly, like this:

dvbnet -p 1909
ifconfig dvb0_0 hw ether 00:30:1D:01:02:01
ifconfig dvb0_0 netmask promisc up allmulti

and then everything works again as expected.
Many thanks to ChengHsin Hsu for the fix.


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