[linux-dvb] bug in locking patch for dvb ca en50221 driver

Matthias Dahl mldvb at mortal-soul.de
Tue Oct 7 16:36:30 CEST 2008

Hello Mauro/Andreas.

Unfortunately the patch I sent a few weeks ago introduces a _very_ infrequent 
timeout in dvb_ca_en50221_io_write which I have to investigate. I don't like 
the idea of just increasing the timeout. But I am currently quite busy 
because I have a deadline for a university project to meet. So please don't 
sent the patch upstream until I have had a chance to look things over and 
correct the situation. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience but I haven't 
run into this bug before and it's (at least on my machine) not so easy to 

So long,

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