[linux-dvb] S2API vs Multiproto vs TT 3200

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 18:59:25 CEST 2008

Jaap Crezee wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> gimli wrote:
>> Hi All,
> <snip>
>> was made. Please cool down and bring the pieces together to give the
>> user the widest driver base and support for S2API.
> With this in mind, I would like to work on porting the TT S2-3200 driver stuff to S2API. I have done a little bit of 
> research and found out that it is hard to find what the differences are between both API's on a source/technical level.
> Can anyone offer some insight into differences or give some starting point (or maybe even an example) of how to port 
> Multiproto drivers to the S2API?
> I own a TT S2-3200 card and would like to see it supported by kernel.org vanille kernel... For now, everything works 
> fine (Scanning, tuning, CAM module, Diseq), except I haven't tried S2 channels yet.

I do plan to have a port of the STB0899 + STV090x. The reason why i do
say a port and still maintain multiproto: S2API is incapable of handling
DVB-S2 ACM (with 16/32APSK) as it is, ie, doesn't support DVBFE_GET_INFO
for notification of MODCOD changes.

Similar to a patch that i had posted for handling diversity some days? back.

With regards to the cx24116, this is of no concern as it doesn't support
16/32APSK in any event.

Or is there any bugfix to S2API which updates the DVBFE_GET_EVENT ioctl ?


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