[linux-dvb] S2API vs Multiproto vs TT 3200

Christophe Thommeret hftom at free.fr
Tue Oct 7 20:52:11 CEST 2008

Le Tuesday 07 October 2008 18:59:25 Manu Abraham, vous avez écrit :

> I do plan to have a port of the STB0899 + STV090x.

Hi Manu,

That's good news.

> The reason why i do 
> say a port and still maintain multiproto:

Well, I really hope you won't join Markus desperate way of breaking Linux DVB 

> S2API is incapable of handling 
> DVB-S2 ACM (with 16/32APSK) as it is, ie, doesn't support DVBFE_GET_INFO
> for notification of MODCOD changes.
> Similar to a patch that i had posted for handling diversity some days?
> back.
> With regards to the cx24116, this is of no concern as it doesn't support
> 16/32APSK in any event.
> Or is there any bugfix to S2API which updates the DVBFE_GET_EVENT ioctl ?

S2API is now merged and thus is given to the whole community. And YOU are part 
of this community, so the new API is yours also. If you want to submit 
fixes/patches, you have of course the rights to do so, and if it's a good one 
(and i'm pretty sure it will) i will second it for adoption.

Best Regards, Manu.

Christophe Thommeret

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