[linux-dvb] pac7311

Vladimir Stavrinov vs at inist.ru
Fri Oct 10 16:01:55 CEST 2008


I have tested gspca_pac7311 driver with Genius Messenger 310 web
camera, PixArt Vendor ID 093a and Product ID 2624, but encounter
with two main problems:

	1. While it is working with some applications
	(camstream, gqcam, webcam-server and vlc), using libv4l,
	but image is rotated by 180 degrees. Though
	webcam-server and vlc have option to rotate image, but
	in case of vlc it is for rendering only and not for
	streaming. Besides, camstream output blue image, missing
	red color.

	2. This is most important, but it is not working with
	VoIP software, such as skype and ekiga.

P.S. it was recent code


as of last weekend.


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