[linux-dvb] saa7134 bug in 64 bits system

mathieu.taillefumier at free.fr mathieu.taillefumier at free.fr
Sat Oct 11 18:12:02 CEST 2008

Hi devs,

I discover an annoying bug in the saa7134 module after using my tv card again.
The card is a cinergy ht pcmcia which works perfectly on both XP and fedora 10
(with a customized kernel 2.7.27-rc8) but fail to initialize the card correctly
on 64bits kernel (it is a lfs in this case with the same version of the kernel
and the same drivers for the tv card). The drivers I am using are the last
version of the mercurial repository. I attached the dmesg files for both 32bits
and 64bits (same arch).

I try to track the problem and it seems that it is coming from the init function
of the driver in particular the line saa_readl(SAA7134_GPIO_GPSTATUS0>>2). the
gpio is wrong on 64 bits. The kernel indicates gpio is ffffffff instead of gpio
is 0 (which is the correct value). So I do not know if it is problem in the
drivers or if the problem is coming from the kernel itself. I am willing to help
the devs to track down this bug so please let me know if you need some help.



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